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Title: No Copyright Law in the Universe

Artist: Mesmerist

Description: Believe it or not, today is the last day of the Planet Wisp Special! I hope you guys love these last two tracks! When Mesmerist sent this one to me, I was absolutely stoked and HAD to post it for the Special! Here’s some progressive house of the Act 3 theme of Planet Wisp!! A track that gets hardly any acknowledgment! The way the Act 3 theme is incorporated is flat out genius! It’s heard at various points when you would least expect it! Thanks so much for the submission and enjoy everyone!

(I’m also a big fan of that title! XD Sonic’s copyright speech is actually my favorite part of the game)

Song found here

Planet Wisp Special: 9/10

Thanks to RoBKTA, this remix, which I produced, is getting a LOT of attention recently! So I thought I’d share it with you all again. ^^

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Another winner of the Sonic plushie giveaway has been selected, and the Sonic plushie has been chosen!

Now only the Knuckles and Cream plushies remain. Good luck all!

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These Magical Girl/Pretty Cure Sonic character gifsets are going to be my legacy, aren’t they?

Magical Girl/Pretty Cure Silver

From this video

Sonic: Video Gifset

Shadow: Video Gifset

Blaze: Video Gifset

Amy: Video Gifset

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Take off at the speed of sound
Bright lights colours all around


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